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Portfolio of Projects

Fall 2022 KRAN 101 Home Page.png

KRAN 101& 201 - Brightspace Courses

Check out the Video for KRAN 101 & 201 by clicking the Let's Go button! This course was developed in Brightspace for incoming freshmen. It was initially going to be a resource module for students but quickly evolved into a full course for students to get to know their college. Learning Outcomes & Objectives were developed based on Bloom's Learning Taxonomies. Contents included navigating campus, classes, academics, getting to know the majors, getting involved on campus, campus resources, policies, professional development, tuition & financial aid, health & wellness and study abroad. 

Advisor Training Dashboard Image.png

Advisor Training Brightspace

Check out my video on the project page, just click the Let's Go Button! This module was also developed in brightspace for advisors training. It started with the foundational NACADA "informational" piece for advisors to utilize, but has now been developed using knowledge checks, and case based scenarios, as well as other interactional activities that are being added so that advisors get a chance to learn on a different level. 

This is a collection of projects that I have produced. Some are business projects, Brightspace training modules, non-credit courses for incoming freshmen, online databases, training videos, and others.  

Program Training Videos

The university implemented an electronic curriculum system for developing curriculum and moving it through an electronic approval system. I developed unit specific training videos that would help to reinforce the overall university training that was provided. These videos also served as a refresher resource so that employees that were not using the system every day could still go in and enter/edit/expire their courses, majors, minors, certificates or concentrations easily. 

Christmas for Everyone_edited.jpg

Christmas for Everyone App

The Christmas for Everyone was a paper process in which low income  parents sign up for sponsors to provide presents for their children. In order to make the process more efficient and with less error this process was turned into an electronic databased housed on ZOHO. Click the Let's go button to see the video. It worked out well and reduced man hours spent in data entry by 50%.

Adobe Captivate Module

I developed this module in Adobe Captivate for first year freshmen students of the Student Transitioning, Advising & Registration (STAR) sessions, this was the inspiration for KRAN 101. The idea was to upload this to brightspace for the students to take prior to visiting campus. For this instance development and creating learning objectives were being developed at the same time, more of an agile process as we were on a tight deadline.   

Articulate Storyline Training Module

This was a project to teach Electronic Curriculum Software basics to new users. In 2018 a new software system was implemented for all curriculum to revert from a paper system to an electronic system. To get users up to speed quickly I developed an Articulate Storyline module with learning interactions designed to help users recognize key icons, commands and placement of courses.

Faculty Training Portal

Our faculty needed a resource that could teach them to switch from a paper based curriculum management system to an electronic curriculum management system.  I worked in collaboration with administration and the IT department to initiate a teaching resource portal within the college’s intranet.

CORE Facilitator Handbook Image_edited.jpg

Core TEAM Module

This module is geared toward new teams or older teams that has lost their productivity. Teams that have a
large amount of turn-over and have or are in danger of losing business. A team’s collaboration, trust, respect, and professionalism can all be destroyed by inefficient, redundant, and duplicative business procedures and a crumbling team foundation. This module is meant to
rebuild the foundation of inefficient teams or to build a foundation for new teams so they can raise their productivity level. All participants have varied educational backgrounds and skillsets in different areas.

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