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Miscellaneous Projects

Below are some miscellaneous projects that I worked on including a video walkthrough of a gym I designed just to showcase some of my video and facility design skills. Also some instructional evaluation's and a full evaluation plan utilizing Kirkpatrick's four levels of learning, Mager's system to design learning objectives and Dick & Carey's systematic instruction of design.

Earth Projection

Miscellaneous Projects

Gym Design Video Walkthrough

In this project I designed a boxing gym using a free trial from Ecdesign gym software and created a video using Camtasia.

Instructional Evaluation

This Project effectively demonstrates my ability to develop an evaluation plan for a project based on stated goals and recognized standards. For this project I used Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Evaluation to conduct an analysis of at least a two module online course of the Word of Life Counseling Training Institute online video series modules for Biblical counselors. Biblical counselors must demonstrate specialized skills and information to be able to counsel individuals. This design document was set up to provide the instructional description, an overview of the instructional content,  as well as the audience and context and provided examples of Level 1 - Reaction and Level 2 - Learning evaluations. I drew on Mager’s (1997) system to design learning objectives, as well as Dick & Carey’s (2014) systematic instruction of design to help me with developing the design document.

Instructional Design Document

I followed Dick & Carey’s Systematic Design of Instruction (2014) to create this module and used Mager’s (1997) method to develop the learning objectives. My design document outlines the project overview and then moves into identifying the instructional goals. In order to identify the instructional goals I had to conduct a instructional analysis, analyze my learners and context and write my performance objectives. Then move into developing an instructional strategy, select learning materials and then design formative and summative evaluation material. I had to choose which style of learning would be most beneficial and I chose a blended learning style to accommodate the variety of learners this training would be addressing. A large percentage are not comfortable with online training.

Evaluation Plan

The online video modules were analyzed and testing material was developed in accordance with learning objectives, as well as a collection system. Level 1 reaction data was designed to be collected using Google Forms and measure a learner’s satisfaction level with the program.  I had to draw on information learned in several of my courses to be able to develop this evaluation. Since I most likely will end up doing a variety of work as a freelancer, I also plan to grow and develop expertise in the area of evaluation. Many projects will involve developing training material so I imagine that strategic assessment and evaluation will become a lifelong developmental subject.

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