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Evelyn Howard

Project/Design & Development Professional, MSED


I have over twenty years of experience working in various industries including Administration, Academia, Information Technology, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Sales, Non-Profit, etc. My background experience has prepared me to be an accomplished designer for both business and academics. I am astute on supporting cross-functional teams to increase employee, customer and student satisfaction through design & process improvement. Experience in IT gives me an edge as I quickly pick up new technology and know what it takes to implement it. Having worked in business gives me a different view of how students should learn in the college arena. Since we are preparing them for careers, then I believe that our college courses should mimic and train the way that businesses train. Our academic career should lead the way in developing critical thinking, collaboration, teamwork, diversity and inclusion, as well as leadership and design thinking. Those are the skills that will help propel them into successful careers. My areas of expertise include staff training, developing and implementing administrative procedures, marketing  and ensuring customer satisfaction. 

Background Skill Sets

Business Coordination

Experienced supervising the everyday operations of programs and performing duties such as overseeing staff, evaluating the program’s effectiveness, increasing community awareness, supporting program goals, developing plans, organizing events, and tracking budgets.

Program Management

A proven history of demonstrating creativity, strategic thinking, leadership, excellent communication skills, flexibility, and management abilities. My background outlines a results-focused individual with experience working on complex projects and wearing many hats including: project manager, writer, problem solver, innovator, facilitator, researcher, developer, media and editing.

Soft Skills

  • Critical Thinking

  • Data Analysis

  • Internet research

  • Leadership

  • Process Design & Implementation

Instructional Design Software

  • Adobe CC

  • Adobe Premiere PRO

  • Brightspace

  • Camtasia

  • WordPress

  • Articulate Storyline

  • Google Classroom

  • Adobe Captivate

  • Canva

  • WIX

  • Canvas

  • MS Office Suite

Training & Development

Focus is on expected outcomes based on a learner’s prior skills, experience, expectations and needs, and design based on the available technology, budget and time. Analyze learning contexts to develop appropriate, workable instructional solutions. Create content that can be used in the learner’s professional field, in cooperation with SME’s, professionals and team members. Learning Experience Design skills cover a range of education and training from corporate to government to non-profit environments. Skill-set that includes designing, developing, and implementing instructional materials and solutions that both integrate learning technology and align with learning/training outcomes.

DISC Assessment
Paralegal Cert
Gallup Strengths
Adobe Skills Learning in the Classroom
Ivy Tech AOT
Mental Health Cert
Learning Styles Graph
Technical Management Institute
BS Criminal Justice
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