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Brightspace Modules

BUS 101 & 201 (was KRAN 101 & 201) are Brightspace modules that I developed in collaboration with the undergraduate advising team. Advisors noticed that they were consistently having to email students information that was readily available on the web, but not always the easiest to find. Especially for incoming freshmen, the bombardment of transitioning from high school to college life was hard enough, let alone trying to research everything you need to know outside of courses. 

We worked together to develop an onboarding Brightspace module for students that would stay with them in their online portal until graduation. An easily accessible resource guide categorized into subject areas so they could be directed to information easily. The primary goal was to set students up with the information so they could make informed decisions themselves, which reduced the amount of email sent to advisors, which increased student and advisor's efficiency levels.

BUS 101 Visual Contents page.png


Similar to the onboarding that takes place for new employees, the advisors noticed that incoming freshmen students needed to be acclimated to college life, their college of choice and the university as a whole. Though the university has an onboarding session for students, the advisors felt that the students not only needed access to that information once university onboarding was over, but also information at the college level. The information had to be easily accessible and serve as a resource guide the student's entire academic career..

Curriculum Map

A curriculum map was created using QM and BBD standards. As well as each unit contained non-required assignments to help them synthesize the information. Currently this is a non-credit course, but the UG team  will most likely try to make it a required 1 credit course in the future.

KRAN 101 Unit 5 Learning Plan.png
KRAN 101 Curriculum Map.png
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