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Administration, Design & Learning Technology

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Skilled in various elements from all areas of business including:



Human Resources

Information Technology

Instructional Design

Job Aids

Marketing Materials

Website Design

Experienced with almost any type of administrative or Instructional  project and specialize in working with non-profits and small businesses/entrepreneurs.


How I approach a project


  1.  Identify your project/Scope

  2. Define goals and objectives – Goals are the “What” – Objectives are the “How”

  3. Define tasks

  4. Build team & identify resources

  5. Create a timeline & Identify project milestones  –  Break down tasks into stages and establish deadlines for goals and objectives to be completed

  6. Get feedback – After setting the initial plan, seek feedback from the team, stakeholders, and clients before proceeding

  7. Adjust plan accordingly


Researches, designs, and creates training courses and development courses & workshops, as well as other performance enhancement tools for employees and organization members including classroom lectures, online courses, and self-study sessions. Training and instructional courses are designed and developed  using proven adult learning models such as:


  • Gagne's 9 Events of Instruction

  • Bloom's Taxonomy 

  • Action Mapping 

  • Merrill's Principles of Instruction

  • Backwards by Design

  • Design-Thinking 

  • Dick & Carey

  • Flipped Classroom

  • Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of Learning

Ensures such programs align with overall business and human resources development strategies, enhance job-specific employee skills, and inspire ongoing operational learning activities.

Business Philosophy

Ability to create momentum and foster organizational change,  as well as exercise initiative, problem solving and decision making skills. 







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What People Say

Evelyn is extremely knowledgeable about project management, mapping processes, using technology and is a very good communicator. I have been delighted to work with Evelyn and have come to appreciate how valuable she is in terms of bringing order out of the chaos that the new systems and personnel changes have created for our department.

Charlene S. - Former Associate Dean Mitchell E. Daniels School of Business, Purdue University

Evelyn has consistently surpassed performance standards and expectations as related to her job performance. Examples include Curriculog process redesign,advising training program, and coordinating plans of study, and VSTAR modules for STAR 2018. These new assignments, although out of the scope of her current job description, have given Ev the ability to showcase her expertise and skills beyond the usual/expected standard of performance.

Abbey M. - Director of Advising -  Mitchell E. Daniels School of Business, Purdue University

Shown to be dependable, diligent, innovative, resourceful, and self-initiating…..coordinated several important events and projects………facilitated re-design of website, instituted a reorganization of electronic filing systems…..

Roger F. CEO - Regions Workforce Board

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